About Me

My name is Sanna Lahnaoja.  I live in Korkeakoski, about 50 kilometres east from Tampere.
I got my kennel name, Breezy Meadow´s, in 2009. The first litter was born the next year. I have 5 collies at the moment,
three youngest is co-owned with my sister Liisa.

I got my first collie Donna, when I was 11.  Donna came to us with an adult, but adjusted really well for us. Donna
was a
real Collie - a dog you can own
only once in a lifetime. She wasn´t a show dog, but her character was something unique.

Later I became interested also dog shows, so we decided to purchase another collie. So "Daisy", Hovihaukun Cool Cocktail came home.
She has never done well in shows,
but made me more interested in this hobby.  Anyway, Daisy was my loyal companion and best friend.
When Daisy´s breeder Aila Kukkohovi came the next litter, I couldn´t resist the temptation to take a little tri girl. So Popsi,
Hovihaukun Daddy´s Dream, came to us. At first Popsi was placed with breeding terms, but because of her hip fault, she is not
used for breeding.

Since Donna had to put down, I started to gradually dream a new sable girl. Beacause I was interested in Corydon- related collies,
we decided to purchase our next collie from the kennel, that breed its line of dogs.  So I contact Sussi Roos & Thomas Strömberg at
Carnoustie´s. So Hilla ( Carnoustie´s Love Supreme) came to us summer 2005. She is happy and playful girl, who loves action. Two
years later, Hilla´s dame Pahlex Attired By Addict got a litter.  There was a beautiful blue girl available, and again, I cant resist to
temptation to take this puppy. So Usva, Carnoustie´s Baltic Frost came to us. And I haven´t regretted  it a day. Usva has been an important
brood bitch to me. But most of all, she is a wonderful companion and a pleasure to train.

In autumn 2009, Susanne Roos asked me if I offered a home for their dog. After thinking the matter, we thought that Daisy and Popsi
are getting old, so this dog could be nice addition to our pack.
So Carnoustie´s Prima Fantazija joined our team. Perhaps, thanks to her
easy temperament, Prima adapted quickly to us.

Over the years, I began to dream of also breeding. I went to the breeder of the basic course in 2008. I got my kennel name,
Breezy Meadow´s, in 2009. The first litter was born in March 2010
, when Carnoustie´s Baltic Frost mated to EE CH BH Leaftribe Old Black Joe.
From this litter we kept both bitches at home,
B. Absolutely Fabulous and After Me Please.

The next litter was born in August 2011. The dame was once again Carnoustie´s Baltic Frost. The father of this litter is
FI EE CH HeW- 11 Wicani Caped Crusader.

Our dogs lives inside with us, we don´t have separare kennel spaces. We walk our dogs every day in the forests and fields. We also practice obedience
training regularly.

My aim is to breed good temperament and healthy collies, not forgetting the beautiful appearance.

me and Chili at Ristijärvi show 30.4.2011